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WP Smush Pro is a WordPress image optimization plugin that is both powerful and simple to use. This plugin was created by WPMU DEV’s professional developers, who are also responsible for a number of other excellent WordPress plugins. Defender, Hummingbird, SmartCrawl, and hustling, for example, are all built by the same developer. The WP Smush Pro plugin compresses and shrinks all of your photos without sacrificing visual quality. It simply removes extra data from images that aren’t required. The WP Smush Pro plugin compresses images in both lossless and lossy modes.

WP Smush Pro Free

The WP Smush Pro plugin also lets you use their 45-point image CDN to serve images from their servers. You just need to switch on the toggle for their image CDN service, and it will begin providing pictures from their servers without any more work or code. There is also a free version of the WP Smush Pro plugin with limited functionality. This plugin’s Pro edition compresses photos 200 percent quicker and more effectively than the free version. It also lets you convert and serve WebP image files to your users. WebP format is about 25% smaller than other image formats, and Google Pagespeed recommends it for better website performance.

WP Smush Pro Download

WP Smush Pro – WordPress Plugin Key Features

  • Images up to 32MB in size can be compressed and resized.
  • Smush all pictures in bulk with a single click
  • Support for a variety of image compression formats
  • Image resizing is done automatically.
  • CDN 45-point picture ( up to 10GB space)
  • Compression that is lossy
  • Lossless compression is a technique for compressing data without losing quality.
  • All PNG files are automatically converted to JPEG.
  • Keep a backup of the original picture on your server.
  • Allows you to erase image metadata.
  • Images that load slowly
  • Animation of a slow load
  • Automatically detect images that have been scaled wrongly.
  • On-the-fly compression
  • Smush feature for a single directory
  • Support for Gutenberg
  • WPBakery page builder plugin integration
  • Support for many locations
  • Compatible with HTTPS
  • Auto picture resizing with perfect fit

WP Smush Pro Free Download

WP Smush Pro v3.9.3: What’s New (Changelog)

  • Enhance: After the Lazy Load procedure, the resultant picture markup may be filtered.
  • Enhance: Don’t save the descriptive text next to the “Update settings” button.
  • Enhance: For Tutorials, use the common module.
  • Fix: WPBakery Page Builder incompatibility problem.
  • Fix: When re-checking a picture, the total savings amount loses a decimal point.
  • Bug Fix: Smush’s network-admin upgrading page had a styling problem.
  • Fix: When smushing the “uploads” directory in multisite, there was an undefined offset.
  • Fix: In Windows’ “Directory Smush,” the wrong directories are shown.
  • As well as a few more minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Free Download WP Smush Pro v3.9.3 Latest Version


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