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WP Reset Pro is one of those things that works best when you see it in action. As a result, we will just touch on it briefly.
The plugin’s main function is to reset the database.
It states on the WP Reset Pro Description page in the WordPress source,

“Without altering any files, WP Reset rapidly restores the site’s database to the default installation settings.” It either deletes all modifications and material, or just some sections, such as theme settings.”

At its most basic level, WP Reset Pro does this.

If you’ve ever needed to restore a WordPress installation to its factory defaults, WP Reset Pro is the tool for you.

And this is useful in a variety of situations.

When I discovered that it could be utilized as a restoration point or a rollback function for any theme or plugin, I was blown away.

I’ve spent time looking for such kinds of plugins in the past. I don’t work on dozens or hundreds of websites, fortunately. If you do, though, having anything in your stack that can handle this method will save you time.

WP Reset Pro Free


  • It’s Like Having Your Own Time Machine

You pressed the “update plugin” button because, well, why not? Isn’t it true that everything went to hell? Return to a time when everything worked with a single click.

  • Install your favorite plugins with a single click

Make a list of your favorite plugins and themes, then install them after resetting the site or when starting from fresh.

  • Your Own WordPress Superhero

The screen is white. Nothing is working! You screwed up so terribly that you can’t even get into your WordPress admin panel? Don’t be concerned! Simply run the healing program.

  • Added Cleaning Equipment

We all hate it when a theme demo downloads so much demo data that cleaning it out takes an hour. Remove everything with a single click using WP Reset.

  • Reset the Nuclear Power Plant

Do you want to be sure everything is gone? All options, files, custom database entries, and tables are available? After that, press the nuclear reset button.

  • Whitelabeling is a service that allows you to brand your own products.

Do you not want WebFactory’s logos to appear in the plugin? Do you want the licensing information to be hidden as well? Simply turn on the Whitelabel Option.

  • Snapshots Taken Automatically

Allow WP Reset to serve as a safety net for you. It takes automated snapshots of your site before any major changes so you can always restore it to a previous state.

  • The Sky is the Limit

Offload and securely store Collections and Snapshots in the WP Reset team’s cloud, or utilize a popular service like Dropbox, Google Drive, or pCloud.

  • centralized administration

From a single spot, manage all of your licenses, sites, collections, and snapshots. All of your customer sites in one spot, easy to access and manage.

WP Reset Pro Download

Features to come in the future

A note on the future of WP Reset’s features. I think the staff recognizes that the product isn’t flawless; after all, most goods aren’t. They seem to be dedicated to making things better.

They’ve already had requests for more functions. The option to automatically save “snapshots” on cloud storage is one of such demands. You may now migrate them to cloud storage, but it must be done manually.

The second item that has been requested, as far as I know, is a MainWP extension. This software is appropriate for individuals who maintain several installations for customers, which is exactly what MainWP users do.

WP Reset Pro Free Download
WP Reset Pro Free Download

WP Reset Pro 6.0 Nulled: What’s New (Changelog)

  • Rewritten Emergency Recovery Script with improved style and three new tools: Reset WordPress, Restore Snapshots, and.htaccess Reset/Delete
  • Option to remove cloud snapshots in bulk
  • Option to remove cloud snapshots automatically depending on count, total size, or age.
  • WordPress 5.7 is now available.
  • Updates to PHP 8.0 compatibility

Free Download WP Reset Pro 6.0 Nulled


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