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WordPress Automatic Plugin is one of the top WordPress content scraper plugins. It’s accessible on Codecanyon, where it’s sold almost 22,843 times thus far. Regular articles, Clickbank items, Amazon merchandise, YouTube videos, feed posts, and much more are all auto-posted. All you have to do now is build a campaign and sit back and relax. On autopilot, the WordPress Automatic Plugin will publish material based on your campaign parameters.

The process of creating a campaign is simple. Simply navigate to WordPress Dashboard>>New Campaign, then pick Campaign Type, Campaign Keywords, Post Template, Post Filters, and other options before hitting the publish button. That’s all there is to it; now sit back and relax. This plugin will take care of all of your content publishing needs.

There are over 20 different campaign types supported by the WordPress Automatic Plugin. It can collect and auto-publish information from almost every significant social network, affiliate network, and even a normal website. This plugin also allows you to spin material that has been submitted using “the best spinner.”

Automatically share content from other websites and social media.

This plugin may make unique material accessible automatically. If you’re a blogger, I’m certain that this is the WordPress Autoblog plugin you’ve been waiting for; a handful of the most popular compatible sites are listed below.

Spintax: The WordPress Automatic Plugin can import spintax data. This plugin may extract as many articles as desired from spintax and post them to WordPress automatically.

RSS feed: This plugin can import the whole RSS feed, including the author, tags, categories, and featured picture. Simply paste any RSS feed into the plugin for it to copy. Its single page scraper can import the necessary chunk from any URL, and it can also maintain track of it and update it if the article changes.

WordPress Automatic Free

Amazon: Products from Amazon may be imported by keywords or explore nodes, with full WooCommerce support, including a gallery and pricing. Automatically, the price change and affiliate links are created.

eBay: The WordPress Automatic plugin can import eBay goods by keywords or by seller, just as it does Amazon products. WooCommerce support is included, as well as a product gallery, pricing, and affiliate connections.

It’s also compatible with social networking. It can import personal Facebook accounts, open or closed Facebook groups, and monitor and import any new postings with advanced filtering options such as date, type, and more.

It may auto-publish YouTube videos to your WordPress website based on keywords, usernames, or particular playlists. It may import images from Instagram based on keywords, hashtags, or a particular profile, as well as comments and tags. Please keep in mind that it can only import from popular and recent posts.

Twitter isn’t forgotten either; it may automatically import tweets to your WordPress site based on keywords, hashtags, or a particular profile.

Specific sections of original postings are extracted.

The WordPress automated plugin may extract the sections of the original post that are specified and concatenate them to publish on your WordPress website. This is an incredible plugin, and with all of these features, you can be sure you’ll receive more than your money’s worth.

WordPress Automatic Download


  • API support for Amazon affiliates
  • Option to search and replace terms in an article
  • Affiliate links are supported by Clickbank goods.
  • Options for advertisements
  • API for EzineArticles
  • Support for rewriting material with the best spinner
  • Support for the Flicker API
  • Support for the Youtube API
  • Support for WooCommerce
  • Options for iTunes affiliates
  • Support for Envato affiliates
  • Allows you to choose the frequency of updates.
  • YLimit the amount of posts that may be made.
  • Option to post a template
  • Image that is automatically featured
  • Various post-filters are available.
  • Before you upload anything, make sure you’ve translated it.
  • Language support for WPML

WordPress Automatic Free Download

What’s New in Version 3.54.2 of the WordPress Automatic Plugin (Changelog)

  • NEW: Infinite scroll is now supported by the multi-page scraper.
  • Fix: Returning a TikTok post from a particular user to work.
  • The problem with Facebook’s empty pictures has been resolved.
  • Fix: Facebook videos are now embeddable properly.
  • Multi-page scraper has been fixed as a bug. The next page URL for the fixed pattern now allows negative steps.
  • eBay has been updated to accommodate the new link format.
  • NEW: A safe search option has been introduced to Youtube.
  • NEW: Traditional Chinese is now supported by Google Translate.
  • TikTok may now import from a particular user even if they are prohibited.
  • Facebook now informs users when a cookie is required.
  • NEW: Sound is now supported in Reddit video embeds.
  • As well as a few more small improvements and bug fixes.

Free Download WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.54.2 Latest Version


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