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TranslatePress Pro is a simple WordPress translation plugin that can be used by anybody. TranslatePress Pro is unique among translation plugins in that it enables you to translate posts and pages straight from your website’s interface. You may view what you’re translating in real time as a result of this.

The TranslatePress Pro interface allows you to quickly and simply translate any textual material on the website, including posts, pages, meta data, plugins, and even your WordPress theme.

If manual translation is not for you or is too time-consuming, TranslatePress Pro also provides Google Translate API connection, which helps you to speed up the translation process. You may manually update any of Google’s AI-powered translations if they are inaccurate.

Aside from being simple to use, TranslatePress Pro has a slew of cool features, including:

Multiple Languages – 221 languages are supported.

SEO Pack — Includes SEO support for page slugs, titles, descriptions, and more to help you rank higher in local searches.

Automatic User Language Detection — When a user first sees your website, their browser settings or IP address are used to reroute them to their chosen language.

TranslatePress Pro Download

Accounts for Translators – Create accounts for translators and give the role to any user on your site. In order to keep your website safe, this user may translate your material without having full access to your admin area.

Language-based navigation — Set up your website’s navigation menu for multiple languages.

TranslatePress Pro Features of WordPress Plugins

  • Complete the translation of the full page

Make a translation of what you see. You may translate the whole page at once, including output from shortcodes, forms, and page builders, using the interface.

  • _e(“Hello $ percent s”);

WordPress, plugins, and themes all have full support for dynamic strings (gettext).

  • Translation by Machine

You may rapidly have your material automatically translated using Google Translate and DeepL, and only edit what isn’t perfect.

  • 221 different languages

Use our WordPress translation plugin to add as many languages as you need for your project to become global.

  • Editorial Oversight

Only publish your language when you’ve completed all of your translations.

  • Translation of an image

To present distinct pictures for each language of your website, translate photos straight from the translation interface.

  • Search Engine Optimized

Page slug, page title, description, and social graph information from Twitter and Facebook are all supported by SEO. The lang property in HTML is correctly set. Support for Yoast SEO Sitemaps

  • Language Switcher with Customizability

A floater menu, a shortcode, and individual menu items are included in the extended language changer.

  • For each and every project

Works with WooCommerce, custom post kinds, complicated themes, and site builders right out of the box.

  • Accounts of Translators

Create translator accounts that will be able to translate the website without using the WordPress backend, site builders, or metaboxes.

  • As a result,

Examine your website in the same way that your visitors do. Pages that display different material for various users, such as a custom log-in page, should be translated.

  • Blocks in Translation

By combining many translation strings into a translation block, you may translate bigger amounts of HTML with a single translation.

  • Detection of User Language Automatically

Redirect visitors to their preferred language depending on the language of their browser or their IP address.

TranslatePress Pro Free

Pros and Cons of the TranslatePress Pro Plugin

Let’s look at the benefits of utilizing TranslatePress Pro to translate your website content now that you know more about it.


TranslatePress Pro has a free version that you may use to get started.

TranslatePress Pro is simple to use and enables you to translate anything from the frontend, including WooCommerce goods, page builder text, forms, and more.

SEO Help: For multilingual sites, TranslatePress Pro provides SEO support.

Let’s take a look at some of TranslatePress Pro’ restrictions next.


Free Version with Restrictions: TranslatePress Pro’s free version is pretty restricted. Your website can only be translated into one language.

No SEO Support: There are no SEO support features in the free edition. As a result, if you wish to improve your local search results, you won’t be able to use the free version.

Costly: If you’re just getting started, a premium subscription with TranslatePress Pro might be prohibitively expensive.

TranslatePress Pro Free Download

The Bottom Line on Using TranslatePress Pro to Translate Your WordPress Site

TranslatePress Pro is a popular translation plugin that allows anybody to easily convert their WordPress website into numerous languages. The fact that you can translate your site’s pages and posts in real time from the frontend is what sets this translation plugin apart from the competition.

While the free version is adequate for getting started, you’ll need to upgrade to one of their subscription plans if you want to build a successful multilingual website that is SEO-friendly. Although the subscription plans may seem to be expensive to some, TranslatePress Pro is more than simply a translation plugin.

TranslatePress Pro comes with a slew of features, like SEO support, automated user language identification, language-based navigation, translator accounts, and much more, to offer your multilingual website greater strength and speed.

Free Download TranslatePress Pro 2.1.7 Nulled + Addons


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