Slider Revolution v6.5.11 Responsive Premium WordPress Plugin Free Download

Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin v6.5.11

Free Download of Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin – With over 375,000 sales on the Envato marketplace, Slider Revolution is one of the most popular slider plugins for WordPress. You can build powerful image sliders and carousels, social network feeds, Hero Headers, Content Modules, and more with the Slider Revolution plugin.

This plugin offers a powerful visual editor with a plethora of contemporary features and choices for creating a stunning website slider. Slider Revolution is a responsive slider with auto-layout capabilities. Sliders created with this plugin will automatically modify their sizes to fit the width of the screen. This plugin’s visual editor is incredibly user-friendly and eye-friendly, and it supports dark mode. Building a slider with this plugin is simple, and even a beginner can accomplish it in a couple of minutes.

Slider Revolution Free Download

The Slider Revolution plugin also comes with a large library of pre-made themes that include all media elements, such as photos and icons. Importing and using such templates is as simple as clicking a button. Slider, carousel, hero, special FX, Social Media, and more categories are among the templates available. Installing professionally created addons may further increase the capability of the Slider Revolution plugin.

There are 27 paid addons that may be used to add various transitions and effects to the sliders, such as before and after, paintbrush, distortion, and so on. This plugin has been meticulously developed with performance in mind. That is, it has no effect on the speed with which a page loads. Overall, Slider Revolution for WordPress is a feature-rich and responsive slider plugin.

Slider Revolution Download

Themepunch’s Slider Revolution – Responsive WordPress Plugin’s Key Features

  • Visual editor with plenty of features
  • Options that are responsive
  • There is no need to know how to code.
  • 200+ pre-made templates that are ready to use
  • Builder for single-scene Hero Headers
  • 27 Support for add-ons to offer more functionality
  • Slideshows of video
  • The user interface is dark.
  • Improved loading times
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Options for detailed animation
  • Presets for animation
  • Layer groups that have already been created
  • Fonts, icons, photos, movies, and other objects are among the 2500+ items in the object collection.
  • Added effects
  • Possibilities are endless.
  • Background with parallax
  • Option for a slide delay
  • Settings for slide transitions
  • All forms of media are encouraged to participate.
  • Slider for Before and After
  • Slider with highlighted content
  • The impact of a typewriter

Slider Revolution Free

Slider Revolution v6.5.11 (Changelog): What’s New:

  • Due to a version comparison failure, AddOn installation was not possible (hotfix).
  • New feature: Slider Revolution AddOns may now be managed using Three.js and WebGL.
  • Bug fix: When you install slider templates with higher version requirements, you may download them even if the current version can’t process the data.
  • Issues with blurry and 3D animated components on mobile devices have been resolved (i.e. Black Friday Template).
  • Fixed Invalid id failure prevents the import of static HTML5 video layers into the editor.
  • Play button displays on the slide backdrop video, which has been fixed.
  • The use of WordPress-based caching leads in Slider not being able to be stored correctly, which has been fixed on the WPMU DEV website.
  • SVG Layer: Added a new option called ‘Style All Elements,’ which when enabled, styles all SVG elements in the layer, such as ellipse, polygon, and so on.
  • Shortcode builder choices now provide a popup on “URL hash.”
  • There are a few additional small tweaks and problem fixes.

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