SEOPress PRO v5.2.0 – Seo WordPress Plugin Free Download

Download SEOPress PRO – Seo WordPress Plugin

SEOPress is a robust WordPress SEO plugin that enables you to optimize your SEO, increase traffic, increase social sharing, generate custom HTML and XML sitemaps, optimize breadcrumbs, add schemas / Google Structured data types, and handle 301 redirections, among other things.

SEO metabox universal: modify your SEO information from any page builder / theme builder

No advertising, no traces, white label in both the backend AND the frontend

Content analysis to assist you in writing search engine optimized content

In a single click, import your post and term metadata from other plugins.

Since 2017, it has been trusted by over 200,000 WordPress websites.


You like to work with Excel or Google Spreadsheets to save time. No issue, SEOPress PRO allows you to import / export metadata from CSV files in a matter of seconds!


Save money: SEOPress PRO is just $39 per year. Without any restrictions on sites. Yes, you read that correctly: whether you have one site or a hundred, the total cost is still $39 per year!

All-in-one SEO plugin: includes all the tools necessary to optimize the search engine optimization of your WordPress site. No further extensions are required to manage redirects, schemas, or XML sitemaps… You decrease the likelihood of disagreement and associated maintenance expenditures. You don’t require a unique feature? It may be deactivated with a single click without affecting your setup. It’s child’s play!

Simple AND ready to use: no prior knowledge of SEO or coding is required to utilize SEOPress. The majority of settings are configured automatically. Additionally, setting SEOPress has never been easier owing to our installation wizard. To take things a step further, we provide several free lessons and booklets on SEO to help you better grasp how to optimize your content for search engines.



  • A wizard-based installation process simplifies the process of setting up your site.
  • Content analysis using an infinite number of keywords to assist you in writing search engine friendly content
  • Desktop / Mobile To preview how your article will appear in Google search results, use Google Preview.
  • Facebook & Twitter Social Previews to see how your post will appear on social media in order to boost conversions
  • Titles (using dynamic variables: custom fields, taxonomies of words, etc.)
  • Descriptions meta (with dynamic variables too)
  • Improve social media sharing with Open Graph and Twitter Cards (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and WhatsApp…).
  • Google Graph of Knowledge
  • Google Analytics and Matomo include download monitoring, configurable dimensions, IP anonymization, remarketing, demographics and interest reporting, and cross-domain tracking, among other features.
  • (GDPR compliance)
  • Personalized Canonical URL
  • Robots meta-robots (noindex, nofollow, noodp, noimageindex, noarchive, nosnippet)
  • Create a custom XML sitemap to aid with search indexing.
  • Sitemaps for images in XML format to aid with Google Image search indexing
  • Create a custom HTML sitemap to better visitor navigation and search indexing.
  • Connect your social media profiles to your website.
  • Within posts, pages, and custom post kinds, there are redirections.
  • Remove the /category/ prefix from URLs
  • Eliminate?replytocom in order to avoid duplication of text.
  • Redirect attachment pages to the original post
  • Redirect pages containing attachments to their associated file URLs
  • Automatically set the image’s title, alt text, caption, and description
  • Export / Import settings between sites.
  • Import metadata for posts and keywords from Yoast SEO, All In One SEO, SEO Framework, Rank Math, SEO Ultimate, WP Meta SEO, Premium SEO Pack, and Squirrly, amongst other SEO plugins.


  • Metadata import/export (titles, open graph, robots…) from/to a CSV file
  • Sitemap for video in XML format to optimize ranks in video search results
  • Suggestions for internal connecting
  • Google Recommendations in Content Analysis to rapidly retrieve the top ten Google suggestions. This is advantageous if you wish to apply the long tail approach.
  • Structured Data Types for Google (
  • Schemas generated automatically with enhanced criteria (AND, OR, Post types, taxonomies)
  • Breadcrumbs optimized for and A11Y compatibility. Are you an Elementor user? Consider using our customized breadcrumbs widget!
  • Google Analytics Stats on the Dashboard provide instant access to your site’s stats without leaving the page.
  • Google Local Business to help you grow your local business
  • Broken link checker (SEOPress BOT): scans your content for broken links (e.g. 404…)
  • WooCommerce: Added Product Global Identifiers type and fields to the WooCommerce metabox for product schema (barcode), disabled crawling on cart, checkout, and customer account pages, added OG Price / OG Currency for improved sharing, and more.
  • Add OG Price / OG Currency to Easy Digital Downloads; delete EDD meta generator
  • Meta tags for Dublin Core
  • Custom breadcrumbs for certain article kinds / taxonomy of terms
  • Google Page Speed Insights is a free tool that allows you to analyze your website’s performance.
  • Google Enhanced Ecommerce for WooCommerce: track transactions, cart additions, and cart deletions
  • From the admin area, edit your robots.txt file (multisite / multidomain compatible).
  • Google News Sitemap to ensure that your articles appear on Google News
  • 404 Monitoring: Keep an eye on your 404 issues to optimize user experience, speed, and Google’s crawl budget.
  • Automatically redirect 404 to the homepage/custom url using a custom status code (301, 302, 307, 410 or 451)
  • Notifications through email for 404 errors
  • Create an infinite number of 301, 302, 307, 410, and 451 redirections using the redirect manager. Import and export redirections in CSV or htaccess format.
  • Import redirections from a CSV file
  • Import redirections from the plugin Redirections (via a JSON file)
  • From the administrator, edit your htaccess file.
  • Customize your RSS feeds easily

Download SEOPress PRO v5.2.0 – Seo WordPress Plugin


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