22+ SEO Friendly Blogger Templates Free Download

Are you seeking for the greatest Blogger Templates that are SEO friendly? To begin, I’ll share 20+ free premium-looking SEO friendly Blogger templates in this article. Therefore, if you’re seeking for one, simply continue reading this post.

Your blog’s design is critical to your readers. A excellent blogger design enables you to maintain the visitor’s interest. Simultaneously, it aids in the acceptance of Adsense.

Blogger Templates
Download SEO Friendly Blogger Templates Free

Indeed, Adsense approval is not simple today.

Numerous criteria of a website contribute to its Adsense approval, and one of them is the user interface. A excellent Blogger design enables you to provide your viewers with the greatest possible experience.

A search engine optimized template will considerably assist you in obtaining Adsense approval.

You may believe that you must pay money in order to obtain a premium-looking SEO and Adsense-friendly blogger template. However, you are not need to.

The following is a list of,

Free access to 20+ Premium Blogger Templates

Phantom: SEO Friendly Blogger Templates

phantom seo template
Phantom is a highly popular free Blogger template that is used by a large number of bloggers. It provides your blog a classy appearance. This is a completely responsive blog template. This template is suitable for any specialty website.
Unlike other free themes, it does not drastically increase your website’s load speed, which helps with SEO.

Elegantes: Adsense-Friendly Template

elegantes blogger theme
Elegantes is a free blogger template with a premium appearance. This template was created specifically for Tech News websites. There are a lot of hover effects in it. You can make changes to the template as needed.

Ratio: Premium Design Blogger Template

ratio blogger theme


It’s a free to download and use blogger template that’s responsive and SEO friendly. Bloggers that write about cuisine and fashion will love this template. With the Instagram widget in the footer of this theme, you can show off your Instagram posts.

SEOBoost: Free Blogger Template for SEO

seoboost template for blogger
SEOBoost SEO Friendly Blogger Templates Download
This template may be used for any specialty website, no matter what it is. SEOBoost is a simple and straightforward template.
It’s the backdrop color and font that make it more appealing. This template is fully search engine optimized and Adsense compatible.

Digizena: Best Free Blogger Template for SEO

digizena blogger template
Digizena SEO Friendly Blogger Templates Download


Digizena is an SEO friendly blogger template. It features a lovely design and a functional sidebar. This is a great template for personal blogs.
You can use this template if you are someone who writes about his experiences on his blog.

Nordic: Free Awesome Blog Template


It’s a simple yet functional Blogger template. If you want to create a simple and attractive blog, this is the template for you. It offers responsive design, social bookmarking symbols, SEO-friendliness, and related post support choices, among other things.

SuevaFree: Premium Design Template

SuevaFree is an excellent Blogger Theme for folks who enjoy blogging. This template will help your website load faster.
This template may be used if you are not interested in making money and simply want to share your thoughts with your visitors.

Kelly Blogger Template

kelly blogger theme
Kelly SEO Friendly Blogger Templates Download Free


Are you looking for a premium blogger template? Then you should absolutely give this one a try. It’s one of the most gorgeous free templates out there. ​
If you run a fashion-related site, this theme is ideal for you. You can, however, utilize it for another specialty website.

Publister: Adsense-Friendly Template

Publister blogger theme
Publister SEO Friendly Blogger Templates Free Download

It’s one of the most SEO friendly free templates out there. With this theme, you can give your blog a dynamic design. This design is suitable for blogs in the fields of business and beauty. Installing this blog template will improve the user experience.

Malina: Best Blogger Theme for Adsense

malina adsense friendly blogger template
Get Malina SEO Friendly Blogger Templates For Free
This professional-looking theme has a responsive style that adapts to any screen size on a variety of devices. This theme was created just for women who operate beauty blogs. This template is more dependable due to its simplicity and quick loading time.

FB NewsRoom Blogger Template

FB NewsRoom Blogger Template
Download FB NewsRoom SEO Friendly Blogger Templates Free
This Blogger template is extremely customizable and comes with a plethora of useful features. This theme is perfect for news blogs. Fast loading, SEO-friendly, responsive layout, Breadcrumb Navigation ready, and many more features are included.
It’s a simple and well-optimized theme that’s ideal for professional bloggers.

OmMag: Best SEO Friendly Blogger Templates

OmMag Best SEO Friendly Blogger Templates

OmMag is a professional-looking template that creates a clean, dynamic, and attractive appearance for your website. It has a semi-magazine look, and the color scheme of this template is stunning. It’s the perfect theme for a fashion and beauty blog. With this theme, you can provide your readers an engaging experience.

SEO Hub: Free Blogger Templates for SEO

SeoHub- SEO Friendly Blogger Templates Download

SEOHub is a well-optimized, quick-loading Blogger theme with a ton of cool features. This template can help your blog rank higher in search engines. This template may be used to create any specialty website, including news, cuisine, technology, magazines, and micro niches.

Catarina: SEO Friendly Blogger Template

Catarina blogger template


Catarina is a modern and beautiful blogger template created specifically for fashion and home decor blogs. This template may also be used for personal portfolios.
I recommend using high-quality photographs in your blogs if you want to get the most out of this design.

LineMag: Template for Blogger

Linemag SEO Friendly Blogger Templates Free Download

Are you a business, nature, or fashion blogger? This is the theme for you. It has a compelling design that will create an impression on your readers. It’s a quick-loading, completely responsive template that can be adjusted to fit any screen size.

iBlogger: Adsense-friendly Template for Bloggers

Download iBlogger SEO Friendly Blogger Templates


iBlogger is a basic yet functional template with a unique font design. It’s a handy theme for folks who run finance-related blogs. If you’re a rookie who just started blogging and isn’t familiar with the settings.
You may also make use of this template. Because this template is simple to change, you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Fastest Blogger Template

fastest blogger template

Fastest is another another Adsense-friendly theme that loads in a fraction of a second. This template can be used if the majority of your users are on a mobile device. The color scheme employed in this theme is quite appealing. This template may be used to create a blog.

Foodmag: Responsive Blogger Template

Get Foodmag SEO Friendly Blogger Templates


Foodmag is one of the greatest food blog themes available, with features tailored specifically for food bloggers. This theme allows you to create a dynamic and appealing website. It includes a lot of cool features, like when you hover over the blog’s main image, it tilts and zooms in.

This theme’s footer section is likewise quite appealing. So, if you’re a food blogger, I strongly advise you to choose this theme.

Bittero Blogger Template

This Blogger template has several unique features, including a post slider in the header area and a dynamic social button with hover effects in the footer. This template may be used to create a trip blog.

Influence: Simple Blogger Template




You may absolutely utilize this design if you are an influencer who focuses on content. It has a minimal style yet is totally responsive and loads quickly.

Fashionista: Blogger Template


Fashionista is a gorgeous blogger template that’s ideal for fashion designer blogs. This template has a very fresh, clean, and appealing style. It was created with fashion influencers in mind.

Holiday: Fully-Responsive Blogger Template


It’s a modern-looking template with a lot of glitz and glam. This template’s color scheme and backdrop are both highly appealing. This theme may be used to create a dynamic design for your blog.


I hope you found this information interesting. Please share it with your friends if you enjoyed it. Tell me which template you liked most in the comments section.
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