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RankMath ProWhen it comes to optimizing your website, RankMath Pro is a well-known name and a favored SEO tool. It goes beyond only on-page SEO optimization with its sophisticated features and extensive functionality. It has been the go-to tool for hundreds of web managers and site masters due to its simple user interface, intuitive design, ability to track keywords, structured data support, and a slew of other useful features. We’ll look at the premium edition of RankMath Pro in our RankMath Pro review.
Every element it has works together to boost your website’s search engine ranking. Following the success of Rank Math, the creators have created RankMathPro, a new and better version of the plugin. So, let’s take a closer look at what RankMathPro has to offer and whether it’s worth your money.

Review of RankMath Pro – Features

Before we get into the benefits of the Pro version, it’s crucial to understand that you won’t lose access to the free version’s capabilities. On RankMath Pro, these capabilities will undoubtedly be more complex, but you will still have access to everything you have on the free version. So, let’s examine what new features have been introduced and what has been enhanced.

  • Neat and Clean UI
  • Local SEO Module
  • Redirection manager
  • Advanced 404 monitor
  • Automated Image SEO
  • Bulk SEO edit options
  • XML Sitemap support
  • Custom Schema builder
  • User-friendly Dashboard
  • Advanced Image SEO settings
  • Google Trends tool integration
  • Beginners friendly Setup Wizard
  • Most Advanced Schema Generator
  • News and Video Sitemap support
  • Knowledge Graph Meta tags support
  • Page speed tracking of all posts and pages
  • Content analysis based on focused keywords
  • Product Schama support for e-Commerce sites
  • Allow importing Schama from other websites
  • Advanced Google Analytics Integration Module
  • Detailed SEO report for every single post and page
  • Add watermark images when shared on social media
  • WooCoomerce SEO support for e-Commerce sites
  • Inbuilt rank tracker to check the position of your preset keywords

RankMath Pro Free

Sales Page of Rank Math Pro v3.0.2 – WordPress SEO Plugin

Rank Math Pro Sales Page

Rank Math Pro v3.0.2 SEO Plugin WordPress Free Download



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Installation Instructions for the Pro Account:

To begin, open and extract the zip file you just downloaded.
You will now receive two files.
Install seo-by-rank-math.zip first.
Install seo-by-rank-math-pro.zip after that.
That is all there is to it. Never use your WordPress Dashboard to upgrade the free version of the Rank Math SEO plugin.

RankMath Pro Download


On the RankMath Pro, the dashboard is most likely the first major difference you’ll notice. It has been adjusted by the developers to make it cleaner and more attractive, with no needless clutter. The dashboard will provide you with all of the necessary details as well as a detailed history of the term you’re looking for. The ability to integrate with Google Analytics is a notable innovation, since it will deliver all of the essential search results in a single layout.

There’s no need to scroll up and down the dashboard anymore since everything you’ll ever need is there in front of you. However, behind the dashboard’s graphs and charts are some other choices such as SEO performance, keyword information, site analysis, and so on.

In a nutshell, you’ll find features like an overall optimization chart, winning and losing keywords, a keyword rank tracker, keyword placements, winning and losing articles, Google Search Console, and real Google Analytics data. All of this is contained within a clean, well-organized, and attractive dashboard.

Generator of Schemas

The schema generation function in RankMath Pro eliminates the need for additional third-party software. You can set it up to recognize and implement markups in pages and posts automatically, or you can do it manually for particular articles. As a result, people who publish anything on their own, from blogs to videos, will benefit from RankPro’s schema generator.


Although this is not a required feature because WordPress version 5.5 already has a standard sitemap, you may wish to utilize it because RankMath Pro’s sitemap tool helps Google crawl your website’s content more effectively. Furthermore, you will have complete control over the information you choose to share with Google. The sitemap function in RankMath Pro, like the one in the free version, works on the “configure and forget” principle.

Options that are well-organized

There are countless little functions that are valuable to the majority of users but do not require their own tabs. The 404 monitor, for example, is a minor addition to the RankMath, which is also included in RankMath Pro. It just has one task: to keep track of which URLs produce 404 errors.

It is an important element that will aid in the optimization of your website’s rating. However, unlike the free version, which has a distinct area for this little function, the pro version eliminates it without completely deleting the feature. Other features that have changed as a result of this modification include different image SEO choices and redirection tools.

Detection of Orphan Pages

Orphan pages are those on your website that aren’t linked to anything else. These pages are not inherently harmful, but they are detrimental to the website’s overall performance. Users that land on an orphan page will be unsure of where to go next for further information. Furthermore, search engine crawlers do not index these pages.

RankMath Pro recognizes this issue and includes an orphan page detection capability. The detection will assist you in repairing such pages and in informing Google that the page is relevant to another article or webpage.

Media SEO RankMath Pro also has a tool that helps you enhance the SEO of all the photos and videos on your website. This enhances the readability and indexability of media assets, which improves both user experience and web ranking. RankMath not only allows you to boost image SEO, but it does it automatically as well.

It will auto-generate all of the picture descriptions, which have been carefully prepared for improved SERP results. Additionally, the plugin will allow you to easily use the ALT option as well as provide descriptions that will help with SEO.

Snippets of Value

You may pick from a large number of rich snippets in RankMath Pro. Because rich snippets are an excellent approach to improve SERP results, RankMath’s Pro edition includes the following rich snippets:

You may use WooCommerce SEO RankMath Pro to enter product attributes like title and meta description. Aside from that, each time a new product is created, you have the option of selecting a default rich snippet to utilize.

Individual product names and other information can be added to the snippet. These facts will appear in the search results and may have a favorable influence on the overall rating of your website.

Other Features to Consider

Client management with EDD SEO Advanced post-filtering
There are several schema kinds.
Overview of advanced SEO
constructor of schemas
Importing SEO data files in bulk, as well as other features.

How does RankMath Pro stack up against the competition?

RankMath vs Yoast SEO
Because of all the capabilities it provided, RankMath was already one of the top WordPress SEO plugins. One of the reasons why people choose the plugin over its competitors was because it was free. There are a lot of RankMath comparisons out there, and Yoast SEO is at the top of the list. While Yoast SEO and a few other SEO plugins remain at the top, the battle for first place is never-ending and is frequently determined by people’s own tastes.

However, due of features like integrations and keyword tracking, RankMath is still the best-rated SEO plugin. While most SEO plugins are solely concerned with on-page SEO, RankMath goes much beyond that. You’ll receive a lot more – for a charge – if you upgrade to the Pro version. But, on the plus side, there is a silver lining.

Normally, you’d have to purchase other relevant products to operate in tandem with your SEO plugin of choice, but that’s not the case with RankMath Pro. Everything you require will be included in a single bundle.

Is it, then, superior to its rivals? Definitely. In many ways, even the free version outperforms its competition.

Is it worthwhile to purchase RankMath Pro?

Well, it depends on the company you work for. The free version would be more than adequate to suit your SEO demands for a single website. If your concentration is divided across numerous websites, however, the pro edition may be advantageous because you will save money on other vital plugins for extra functionality.RankMath Pro

If you look at their website, you’ll discover that RankMath Pro combines many of the other SEO functions into a single bundle. It integrates a number of tools that concentrate on both on-site and off-site SEO. If you’ve ever looked for SEO plugins, you’ve probably seen something like this.

You might even be able to use only one plugin to replace many tools you’re now utilizing. However, it may not be able to compete with plugins that specialize in a single function and go into great detail to accomplish so, such as SEMRush for keyword research and other features.

It’s simple to use, optimizes content for numerous keywords, records keyword performance, and more. It also works with bbPress and BuddyPress. The plans are reasonably priced ($59 and $199), and any of them can be purchased for a lifetime.

Is it, therefore, worthwhile? I’d say RankMath Pro is excellent value for money for someone who is wanting to save money and works on several websites. However, for a single site owner, continuing with the free version appears to be the best option.

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