MemberPress Pro 1.9.27 + Addons – WordPress Plugin Free Download

MemberPress Pro 1.9.27 Nulled + Addons – Membership Plugin for WordPress

MemberPress Pro WordPress Membership Plugin is a straightforward WordPress membership plugin. It enables you to immediately begin charging consumers for access to your content.

MemberPress Pro Nulled WordPress Membership Plugin enables you to confidently manage, monitor, and sell membership memberships as well as digital download items. Additionally, MemberPress enables you to manage your members by granting and revoking access to posts, pages, videos, categories, tags, feeds, communities, and digital assets depending on their membership status.


Setup Is Absurdly Simple

We think that setting up and running your WordPress Membership Site should not need a PhD in computer science. That is why we designed MemberPress Pro to be the easiest-to-use membership site software available. Simply install the plugin, provide your payment gateway information, and begin creating goods!

MemberPress Pro Free

Access Rules That Are Effective

MemberPress Pro enables you to customize the content that your customers view depending on their membership or digital product purchase. MemberPress allows you to limit access to pages, child pages, posts, custom post kinds, categories, and tags, as well as practically any other file in your WordPress installation.

Premium Community Discussion Forums

When you install and configure a WordPress-based forum, MemberPress Pro enables you to build your own password-protected community. MemberPress integrates seamlessly with BBPress and a number of other popular WordPress forum plugins.

Coupons That Aren’t Guilty

Coupons make it simple to organize promotions and giveaways. As a consequence, they are a critical component of every internet company. With MemberPress Pro, you can generate as many coupons as you want, limit their expiration dates and the number of times they may be used, and even customise your discount codes.

Extremely Stable and Secure

At MemberPress Pro, we know how to create incredible WordPress plugins. Are the words Pretty Links and Easy Affiliate familiar to you? These, as well as a plethora of additional plugins, were built by us. Because we are WordPress experts, MemberPress was built from the bottom up to be tightly integrated with WordPress, using PHP and’s best coding standards for dependability and security. For years, we’ve used MemberPress both internally and for our clients. MemberPress has proven itself in the real world, and it is now ready to put its abilities to work for you.

MemberPress Pro Download

Beautiful Pricing Pages

MemberPress Pro simplifies and empowers the process of creating dynamic pricing pages for your membership products. Among other things, you may rearrange the order of your items, update the text, and alter the style and feel. MemberPress is pre-installed with a variety of price page designs. As a result, your price page will look fantastic even without any CSS or HTML coding. As an expert user, you may create your own CSS styles or create a page template to completely modify your WordPress theme. Group pricing pages are simple to edit due to their status as standard WordPress custom post types.

Compatible With Any Theme

MemberPress Pro is compatible with any WordPress theme. Therefore, regardless of whether you’re using a StudioPress, WooThemes, or another company’s theme — or even a custom theme – MemberPress should work well for you.

Dripping, Dripping

MemberPress Pro has every feature you’d expect from a premium membership plugin. Two of these elements are content dripping (the timed release of material) and content access expiry.

Program of Affiliates

MemberPress Pro developed another plugin, Easy Affiliate, and the two have remained pals until this day. Easy Affiliate is an excellent affiliate scheme that integrates seamlessly with your WordPress site. We would know since we wrote it! Easy Affiliate was built by the creators of MemberPress with small company owners in mind. We strive to provide the greatest affiliate program available in order to assist you in significantly increasing your revenue.

Reporting That Is Clear And Relevant

With MemberPress Pro, you’ll never be in the dark about how your membership site is doing. We’ve put a lot of thought into MemberPress reporting to ensure that you get just the information you need and nothing else. MemberPress reports usually include information on how much money you’re bringing in, which goods are selling, and much more.

Simple Integration of Payment Gateway

Configuring your website to charge users for digital items or subscription services may be challenging and time-consuming. Additionally, we’ve been burnt by convoluted gateway settings. That is why, with MemberPress Pro, all you need to do is add your gateway API credentials, configure the gateway’s required alerts, and you’re ready to start.

MemberPress Pro Free Download

Completely Automated Subscription Management

It’s not a half-baked solution—MemberPress Pro enables customers to establish, manage, upgrade, and cancel subscriptions directly from your website. There is no hard setup required since MemberPress makes advantage of the automatic invoicing mechanisms provided by the payment gateway. You may be certain that your payments will be received on time and that MemberPress will provide or deny access to your members in accordance with the status of those payments.

Unflinching Support

It’s really easy to set up a WordPress membership site with MemberPress Pro. However, there are times when you need immediate support. That is why we have created a detailed User Manual that details each admin page and function accessible in MemberPress. If you want help, our support staff is standing by to assist you. Consider what consumers have to say about MemberPress’s customer service.

Exceptionally Extensible

Our numerous integrations enable us to support a broad variety of services. As a developer, you can simply integrate your own code with the plethora of existing WordPress actions and filters. Because MemberPress Pro is installed on your server and makes extensive use of built-in WordPress capabilities, you can customize almost anything.

What’s New in Version 1.9.27 of MemberPress Pro? (Changelog)

  • Index that is not specified PHP warnings
  • With the Developer Tools add-on, there is a SourceMaps warning error.
  • Striped tax rate inaccuracies
  • Incompatibility between HTML and privacy policies
  • Shortcode for eCommerce tracking does not function with Stripe Checkout
  • When integrating with BuddyPress, the two-factor authentication options are not shown.
  • Return handling in PayPal Standard sometimes redirects to the account page
  • Updating the credit card information associated with imported Stripe subscriptions

Free Download MemberPress Pro Addons


Free Download MemberPress Pro 1.9.27


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