iThemes Security Pro v7.0.3 Premium WordPress Plugin Free Download

iThemes Security Pro is one of the most secure WordPress security plugins available. It assists you in resolving typical WordPress security concerns and offers an additional degree of protection from hackers. There is a free version of iThemes Security, however it only includes basic security capabilities.

iThemes Security Pro includes 34 security modules to keep your website secure and free of errors. It also creates a backup of your site’s database; if anything goes wrong, you may restore the database backup to go back to your site. It enables you to back up your databases both automatically and manually.

The Version Management module is one of the plugin’s time-saving features. It will safeguard your site against obsolete WordPress versions, plugins, and themes by upgrading them to the most recent versions automatically. Overall, iThemes Security Pro is a great option for small bloggers and newcomers who wish to protect their sites from hackers.

iThemes Security Pro FRee


  • Removes WordPress Security Vulnerabilities
  • WordPress’ Brute Force Protection
  • Any file modification in your database is automatically detected.
  • You’ll be forced to generate a strong password if you don’t.
  • Multiple unsuccessful login attempts IP is blocked.
  • During certain hours, the WordPress Dashboard is unreachable.
  • Database backups are performed on a regular basis.
  • Change the default URL when logging into WordPress.
  • If anything goes wrong, you will be notified through email.
  • Authentication using two factors
  • a security dashboard to keep track of what’s going on
  • Specific IP addresses and user agents are prohibited.
  • Malware Protection that is Automated
  • Devices that may be trusted
  • Updates to software are performed automatically.
  • Allow for the modification of the content directory
  • It’s also possible to modify the prefix of a database table.

iThemes Security Pro Download

What’s New in v7.0.3 of iThemes Security Pro? (Changelog)

  • Security: Thanks to Julio Potier for reporting the vulnerability, the Hide Backend Bypass has been fixed.
  • Short-circuit lock APIs should have filters added.
  • Bug Fix: On WordPress 5.7, disable the wp no robots deprecation warning.
  • Tweak: Remove non-SSL fallbacks for Security Check Pro and Version Management.
  • Tweak checkbox styles to fix a bug.
  • When https connections failed, queries to the iThemes updater servers were automatically downgraded from https to http to enhance server compatibility. The automatic downgrading has been removed with this release.
  • Bug Fix: Version Management compliance with WordPress 5.6’s new features.
  • WP Engine compatibility has been improved.
  • Version Management compatibility with WordPress 5.6 has been fixed.
  • As well as a few other small enhancements and bug fixes.

iThemes Security Pro Free Download

Free Download iThemes Security Pro v7.0.3 Latest Version


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