iMagz Premium Blogger Template Free Download 2022

iMagz comes with a landing page that may be used on the posting page as well; the design of this template is simple yet functional.

The menu display is also distinct from other themes, employing a three-column layout with the first column devoted to the navigation menu, allowing the navigation width to be reduced.

Jagodesain designed the iMagz Blogger Template. This is one of the best landing page templates available. This design is a mobile-friendly and ad-friendly theme.

This template is ideal for articles, magazines, news, and a variety of other categories. This is the greatest landing page template for online shopping.

This template is used by the majority of people. This template includes features like as a 404 Error page, a stylish pricing table, colored buttons, the best landing page, an email subscription form, and more. If you like this template, head to the official website and make a purchase. Please Like, Share, and Comment on this blog article if you enjoyed it.

The iMagz Blogger Template, designed by Jago Desain, is fully next level and includes a landing page idea that can be used to promote items or services. Most landing page themes just focus on the design of the homepage (don’t worry too much about the look of the post), while Jago Desain balances the blog and landing page at the same time. As a result, you only need one blog to manage both. iMagz comes with a landing page that may also be used on the posting page; the layout of this template is simple, but it has all of the necessary functions. The menu display is also distinct from other themes, employing a three-column layout with the major column dedicated to the navigation menu, hence reducing navigation width.

iMagz Premium Blogger Template




This design is a hybrid of the two previous themes, with the inclusion of landing pages as a new feature. The footer modification of Fletro Pro appears extremely similar to the Median UI on the post’s home page.

A Portfolio page is now available, in addition to the posting and landing pages, to present a list of goods, services, and skills that have become author credentials.

There’s also a page where you may read the whole thing. This page is a new feature that was directly taken from Medium to show the entire page.

This design does not emphasis the aesthetics of the homepage, like other landing page themes do. The interface on different pages is designed differently, according to Muhammad Maki, the designer.

We can tell that iMagz is built particularly for websites with a lot of features and services from this.

Benefits of using iMagz Blogger layouts

Increased loading speed

Optimized for quicker loading by lowering the size of templates and compressing CSS and Javascript.

Search Engine Optimized

Starting with breadcrumbs that have been indexed by Google and moving on to additional markup schemas, templates are meant to be SEO friendly.

Completely Responsive

The layout is nicely organized by maximizing CSS efficiency, and the template size is adjustable to match every screen.


Ready-to-use Adsense ad spaces have been placed in areas with a high click-through rate.
It’s a lot easier to use.

Blogger Theme Designer makes it simple to adjust the color, width, and font, as well as the widget settings under the Layout menu.

Regularly updated

We update the template on a regular basis, adding new features and fixing errors as they arise.


iMagz Blogger themes have the following features:

Now I’ll go through some of the iMagz Blogger theme’s features. The iMagz theme offers a lot of features, but I’ll simply go over the most crucial ones.
If you want to view all of the features of the iMagz Blogger theme, go to the official website of the iMagz Blogger theme’s developer and look at all of the features of the iMagz Blogger theme.

  • SEO-Friendly Responsive
  • UI & UX design that loads quickly
  • Page Designed by You (Landing Page, Blog post, Portfolio, Full read)
  • 10+ Layouts for Landing Pages
  • In the dark mode Matched Content Ads in the Feed Slot\sTabs post Note ost Alert post Split post
  • Syntax highlighter
  • Customization is simple.
  • And a Whole Lot More….
    This template is also said to be optimized for a self-hosted WordPress CMS if all goes according to plan.



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