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Hummingbird Pro 3.2.1 – Performance Plugin for WordPress Information

Hummingbird Pro GPL Nulled Plugin is the queen of WordPress optimization, and she’s here to search your site for new methods to speed it up. This plugin enables you to automate optimization. Hummingbird Pro Plugin Nulled is a robust toolkit that includes file compression, asset optimization, a comprehensive caching suite, interaction with Cloudflare, and performance monitoring.


The following are the differences between Hummingbird Pro and Hummingbird Free:

  • Report on Performance
  • Hummingbird performs a scan of your site and gives performance suggestions.
  • Optimization of Assets
  • Optimize page performance by minifying, combining, optimizing, and positioning files.
  • Compression using Gzip
  • Compress HTML, JavaScript, and Style Sheets to speed up the loading of your website.
  • Cache Suite in its entirety
  • Accelerate page load speeds by caching the whole page, the browser, the RSS feed, and the Gravatar image.
  • Cache-Control Cloudflare
  • Cloudflare Browser Cache management is simplified in Hummingbird.
  • Optimization of Hosted Files
  • Utilize WPMU DEV’s secure and lightning-fast CDN to improve speed.
  • Optimization of Images
  • The integration of Smush Pro enables you to resize, compress, and optimize all of your photographs.
  • Monitoring of Uptime
  • Monitor the response time of your website and be aware of any outages.
  • Manager of Hub Security
  • From the Hub, you can monitor security concerns, upgrades, and backups for all your sites.
Hummingbird Pro Free
Hummingbird Pro Free

Scan and Repair with a Single Click

Hummingbird Pro is a free WordPress plugin that optimizes your site’s performance. It will analyze your site, discover files that are causing it to slow down, and make recommendations and modifications to improve its performance. Hummingbird also includes one-click speed advantages such as a full cache suite, one-click style and script minification, and CSS and JS deferral.

Caching of the Very Best

The whole cache capabilities of Hummingbird will help your site load even quicker, providing a better surfing experience for your visitors. Caching of the whole page, the browser, and Gravatar is all included.

Optimization of Assets

Using Hummingbird, you can quickly modify the load order of your CSS, JavaScript (defer CSS and JavaScript), Google Fonts, and other files to increase the page’s performance.

The minification tool in Hummingbird enables you to swiftly restructure, compress, and move files. However, use care — minification is a very effective tool (though if you need it, you can reset any changes you make in one click).

Hummingbird Pro Download
Hummingbird Pro Download

With GZIP, you can transfer data at lightning speed.

The GZIP capability of the Hummingbird Pro GPL Plugin enables you to distribute your site more effectively.

Zipped files are more convenient to distribute and may result in cost savings on hosting. You don’t need to bother about configuration; just click a button to transmit instructions to Hummingbird, and she will take care of the rest.

Cloudflare Integration Integrated

Additionally, you can utilize Hummingbird to control your Cloudflare browser cache and settings for Automatic Platform Optimizations (APO)! Simply insert your Cloudflare API key and continue with the configuration process.

Smush Image Optimization Is Fully Compatible

Smush image optimization, our award-winning sister plugin, may be used in combination with Hummingbird’s WordPress performance optimization capabilities. Smush compresses your images, which results in a quicker page load time for your site. Hummingbird and Smush complement one another nicely and make an excellent duo for speeding up WordPress.

Hummingbird Pro Free Download
Hummingbird Pro Free Download

What’s New in Version 3.2.1 of Hummingbird Pro? (Changelog)

  • New: Configurations
  • New: Defining a method for managing Redis exclusion groups
  • Allows for the addition of administrator bar shortcuts for clearing different caches.
  • Enhancement: Move the settings for the admin bar’s cache controls to the Settings – General page.
  • Enhance: Performance tests, informative audits, and the user interface
  • Issues with the layout of the dashboard and the Gzip compression module on mobile devices have been resolved.
  • White pages when the page cache is deleted without removing the header files
  • Correction: empty debug link on subsites due to asset optimization
  • Corrections to documentation links
  • Correct: Button styles for performance tests should be skipped
  • Avoidance of performance testing on subsites

Free Download Hummingbird Pro v3.2.1


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