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What is FlashNews Blogger Template?

FlashNews Blogger Template
Download FlashNews Blogger Template for Free

For current content-based blogs and magazines, Flashnews is a sleek and clean Magazine Blogger Template. This Template is very customizable; customize it using our built-in tools and options to make your site seem exactly as you want it to.

The Smart Sticky Sidebar feature in the FlashNews Blogger Template keeps your widgets in place as you navigate down the page. By placing your advertising in the sidebar, you may increase the conversion rate of your ads. Our sticky sidebar is enabled and does not flicker on tablets or mobile devices, unlike other themes’ sticky sidebars.

Flashnews has been meticulously created, and you can simply construct a nice looking website with balanced typography and creative layouts.

Flashnews is jam-packed with cutting-edge features and cutting-edge technology that are perfectly integrated into the theme. Because of the well-thought-out UI, they’re nevertheless incredibly simple to use, and all of the options feel natural.

This FlashNews Blogger Template comes pre-loaded with Blogger Layout Manager customization options. We created the magazine blogger theme for our users who enjoy the simplicity of using a blogger theme.

Why should you use the Best FlashNews Blogger Template?

In 2021, the FlashNews Blogger Template is one of the most popular creative themes! Newspapers and mags will love it! This theme is inspired by the greatest examples of configuration, images, and aesthetic components from throughout the world. This news theme, FlashNews, is ideal for newspaper and magazine websites whenever you browse. Any magazine, news agency, or publisher may produce an aesthetically beautiful online publication in minutes using its homepage’s magnificent components sections and wonderful features. With this news theme, you may post text, a concept gallery, a mega gallery, a picture, and more.

FlashNews Blogger Template is available for free download.

This Responsive Magazine Blogger Template is ready for you to personalize thanks to its responsive design and customisable features. FlashNews Blogger Template was created by Oddthemes for Google Blogger users who may use the free versions of the theme.

Note: You must offer proper attribution, a link to the license, and specify changes under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License to footer Attribution.

Get FlashNews Blogger Template Free


Functions and Features of the Free Version

FlashNews is a free personal Blogger theme with a light grid and gradient, many layouts and columns, and well-explained documentation that makes modifying it simple. It’s a stunning new design that you’ll adore.
Let’s get this party started.

  • On the Sliding post picture, there is a Mobile Menu in the Sliding Sidebar.
  • Images with a Responsive Design Lazyload Feature
  • Drag and Drop is a technique for transferring items from one Google Fonts Official Blogger
  • Homepage Builder
  • Colors can be combined in any way you choose.
  • Customization is simple.
  • Megamenu built on Labels that is flexible and multipurpose
  • Design for mobile and tablet devices that is ultra-responsive
  • Admin Panel with a Lot of Power
  • Adsense Ready \sRetina Support for drag-and-drop widgets is now available.
  • HTML, CSS, and Jquery have been reduced in size.
  • All web browsers load quickly.
  • Compatible with all major browsers
  • Font Integration of Awesome Icons
  • Carousel with full width features Slider may be put underneath the mega menu or elsewhere in the widget area.
  • Thumbnails of high-resolution images
  • Blogger created a thread. Cool design for the comment system
  • Shortcodes for buttons and other UI components are ready to use.
  • Widgets come in a variety of post layout options.
  • Ajax result in a custom search box
  • There are no limits to the number of colors and fonts you may use.
  • Design that is completely customized
  • Search Engine Friendly (SEO)
  • Support for a custom 404 page Twitter Cards & Facebook Open Graph
  • Footer Social media widget and information about us
  • Dropdown Menu with Multiple Levels
  • With next and previous post navigation, you may jump from one post to the next.
  • Designing an appealing related post, as well as other things.

Note: Some crucial widgets and services are not available in the free edition; thus, you should purchase the commercial version for your blogspot blog.

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Features of the FlashNews Premium Blogger Template:

Responsive to the fullest extent possible: FlashNews is totally responsive, meaning it can be viewed on any device (Desktop PCs, Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones)

FlashNews has two levels of drop-down menus, as well as a single and multi-level mega menu that displays prominent posts tagged with any label. You can use the Drop Down and Mega Menu buttons as many times as you wish.

FlashNews is fully SEO optimized and employs the best meta tags, which effect your traffic and engagement rates, as well as your SEO.

This enables you to insert advertising almost anywhere on the page (after the blog header, below the blog footer, between grid posts, and at the top, middle, and bottom of the post)

Help Service: Well-documented, with a variety of options to contact support through email.

Smart Sticky Sidebar Is Now Available: Increase your sidebar ad revenue.

Theme settings: On the options page, you may adjust theme options. Without modifying theme files or touching any code, the theme settings may be adjusted.

Footer Credits May Be Removed or Replaced: Footer credits can be removed or replaced (from the theme you purchased). You won’t have to change any code, such as the footer, using this theme.

Shortcode Ready: A large number of ready-to-use shortcodes make content production a breeze.

Customize: It’s simple and user-friendly, so no coding experience is required.

How to use FlashNews Blogger Templates

By choosing the “Import / Export” icon to enable Blogger portability options, you can quickly export or import your FlashNews Blogger theme settings. There is a simple backup option for your existing theme preferences before importing before exporting a file.

Click the “Export Theme Options” button after selecting the Export tab and entering the name of your export file. To import a theme options file, go to the Import tab, choose your.xml file, and click the “Import” button.

Using Shortcodes in Web Design

Make sure your Blogger theme is successfully installed. Because any blunder might wreak havoc on your blog’s look. Oddtheme also offers a premium service to its paying customers. Your theme should be customized to match the precise appearance and feel of your lovely website.


One of the best blogger themes available for purchase! I had assumed that FlashNews Blogger Template would be the sole free theme I would use for my other site, but a premium version seems superior. Before purchasing, I downloaded the free trial version for your blog. MIND-BLOWING. FlashNews Blogger Templateis unquestionably a game-changer when it comes to blog themes. It comes highly recommended from me.

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