BuddyBoss Platform 1.7.6 – Pro 1.1.7 – Theme 1.7.9 Free Download

BuddyBoss Platform and BuddyBoss Theme make it easy to share your knowledge and passion while also expanding your audience and earning potential. The platform supports organized training, micro-learning, social learning, and gamification for a more engaging learning experience. You can even design your own white label mobile app for your team to learn on the move thanks to the BuddyBoss App connection.

The BuddyBoss Platform and Theme is a white-label open source solution that can be modified to meet your business. It is designed to be versatile, enabling you to completely customize it to your project’s requirements.

BuddyBoss Platform Free Download
BuddyBoss Platform Free Download


BuddyBoss Platform Plugin and Theme has the following features:

  • Profiles of Members
  • Groups of People
  • Discussions in the Forum
  • Connections Between Members
  • Messaging in Confidentiality
  • User Invitations
  • Notifications
  • Network Lookup
  • Feeds for Physical Activity
  • Media & Albums
  • Emails that are branded and personalized
  • Private Neighborhood
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Support for RTL
  • GDPR
BuddyBoss Platform Free
BuddyBoss Platform Free
  • Allow your consumers or admirers to connect with you through your brand. Increase retention and engagement while gathering vital feedback. Allow your staff to learn from one another, boosting your brand’s value and decreasing your burden.
  • You may charge subscriptions or one-time fees for access to your community, courses, digital downloads, clubs, and more. Use LearnDash, WooCommerce, or any other free or premium membership plugin to sell access to your courses or group.
  • To create consistent income, charge members on a recurrent basis. Users may join a subscription to receive access to exclusive content. Any eCommerce or membership plugin may allow subscriptions and memberships.
  • WooCommerce, the most popular WordPress e-commerce plugin, integrates seamlessly with BuddyBoss. The BuddyBoss Theme comes with a built-in style that makes WooCommerce seem amazing.
  • One-time access to your content and/or community may be sold.
  • Empower your team to work together to achieve shared objectives while gaining points, badges, awards, rankings, certificates, and achievements. Provide a feeling of power, mastery, purpose, and progress to your staff.
BuddyBoss Platform Download
BuddyBoss Platform Download

BuddyBoss Platform Plugin 1.7.6 – Pro 1.1.7 – Theme 1.7.9 What’s New (Changelog)

  • Profiles – A serious problem with changing passwords has been resolved.
  • Forums – Issue with topic tags not being kept after an update has been resolved.
  • Activity – Issue with forum discussion > rapid reply > upload media access restriction has been resolved.
  • Activity – Fixed an issue with activity permissions when the privacy of a group is changed from Public to Private and vice versa.
  • When uninstalling an activity, the URL preview attachment was accidentally deleted.
  • Activity – Added additional choices to the activity comment dropdown A problem with the user interface
  • Media – By managing symbolic link file extensions, a video problem on specified servers was resolved.
  • Media – A user interface problem with creating albums in the photographs directory has been resolved.
  • Media – Minor UI problem with profile upload photographs has been resolved.
  • Media – An problem with video thumbnails on iPhone devices has been resolved.
  • Small code modification to verify whether the server’s symlink feature is deactivated.
  • Messages – Fixed a speed problem with message threads by not loading all members at once.
  • Connections – Fixed an issue with the members widget when the connection component was deactivated.
  • Member Access Controls – Resolved an issue with notice emails being sent to suspended members.
  • When the profile type is concealed, the members count in the search results is fixed.
  • When the Group component was deactivated, the forgot password problem was fixed.
  • Widgets – Issue with the ‘Members I Follow’ and ‘Members Following Me’ widget settings has been resolved.
  • Improved SQL queries – Coding Standards
  • Coding Standards – In the network search template, there is a little enhancement to the escape property.
  • Fixed Elementor Elementor has a clash with the admin’s forums parent option.
  • REST API – A performance problem with lengthy threads was fixed in the messages endpoint.
  • REST API – API performance problem with messages thread members has been resolved.
  • Compatibility – Issue with the ‘WP Offload Media’ plugin’s PDF document preview not being created has been resolved.
  • General compatibility concerns with the ‘WP Offload Media’ plugin have been resolved.
  • Compatibility – a problem with the ‘Events Manager’ plugin has been resolved.
  • Compatibility – A key problem with the ‘ACF Frontend Pro’ plugin has been resolved.

Download BuddyBoss Platform 1.7.6 – Pro 1.1.7 – Theme 1.7.9


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