Asset CleanUp Pro v1.2.0.2 Premium WordPress Plugin Latest Version Free Download

Asset CleanUp Pro is a premium WordPress page speed optimization plugin. It is not a caching plugin, but it may be used in conjunction with any cache plugin to speed up your WordPress site. By deleting unneeded CSS and JavaScript files from your website pages, this plugin helps you decrease HTTP requests.

If you want your site to load faster, you should use a caching plugin like WP Rocket in conjunction with the Asset Clean Pro plugin. It may also be used with in-built hosting caching solutions such as WPEngine, Kinsta, and others. It doesn’t clash with other performance plugins, and there’s a free lite version of this plugin with restricted functionality in the WordPress source.

Asset CleanUp Pro will remove unwanted CSS and JavaScripts from practically any page, including 404, author, search, date archives, and a variety of other bespoke sites. It also allows you to preload selected files to speed up the retrieval of frequently used files. This plugin also allows you to modify the position (Head or Body) of JavaScript and CSS files.

Asset CleanUp Pro Free
Asset CleanUp Pro Free

Defer and async characteristics for loaded JavaScript files are likewise supported by Asset CleanUp Pro. The most essential thing to remember is that you do not need to know any coding languages to utilize this plugin. Overall, the Asset CleanUp Pro plugin reduces the amount of fat on your website pages, resulting in faster loading times and fewer HTTP requests.

What is the purpose of the Asset CleanUp plugin?

In the traditional sense, the Asset CleanUp WordPress plugin is a performance plugin. It’s designed to improve WordPress speed by basic tweaks, similar to Swift Performance or even Perfmatters. This improved efficiency is frequently reflected in better, i.e. faster loading times, which results in more visitors and higher rankings.

In contrast to other WordPress performance plugins, the Asset CleanUp plugin has a major emphasis on the assets that give it its name. As a result, it is primarily concerned with the resources, in this example, the unneeded CSS and JavaScript files. Because of the core structure of the content management system, there are normally a lot of them in WordPress.

As a result, the CMS’s structure is to blame for this situation. Themes and plugins in WordPress enable users to incorporate big and minor adjustments. These are then accompanied by CSS and Javascript files. The majority of the time, however, these files are integrated at all times and in all places, even if the function or element that needs them is not even present on the page in question.

Asset CleanUp Pro Download
Asset CleanUp Pro Download

This is precisely what the Asset CleanUp plugin aims to solve. It eliminates unnecessary files and, in certain cases, drastically decreases the page size. How big of a difference the optimization makes ultimately relies on how many plugins you use and how jumbled your CSS and Javascript files are.

Main Features

  • CSS and JavaScript files may be unloaded or managed.
  • Unloading options for the whole site
  • Supports bulk unloading
  • JS/CSS files may be managed directly from the front-end.
  • For debugging, use the Test Mode.
  • Combine and minify loaded JS and CSS files.
  • Change the JS and CSS file locations (Head> or Body>).
  • Remove RSD, Windows Live Editor, Rest API, and other similar programs.
  • XML-RPC protocol is disabled.
  • CSS and JavaScript files inline
  • CSS may be deferred to reduce render-blocking resources.
  • Defer and Async characteristics
  • Display the file size of each CSS and JS file loaded.
  • A higher page speed rating
  • Allows you to disable particular plugins.
Asset CleanUp Pro Free Download
Asset CleanUp Pro Free Download

Asset CleanUp Pro v1.2.0.2: What’s New (Changelog)

  • Add/update/delete important CSS via the Dashboard (under “CSS & JS Manager” » “Manage Critical CSS”), while preserving the option to utilize the “wpacu critical css” hook for custom/singular pages.
  • If the URL of a Google Fonts link is altered to fit in JSON formats or JavaScript variables, make sure “&display=” is appended (if enabled).
  • Fix: Ensure that manipulating CSS/JS for taxonomies from the Dashboard (for example, while updating a category) works flawlessly.
  • Fix: Clearing load exceptions from the “Overview” page didn’t work for all pages of a certain post type.
  • Allow Asset CleanUp Pro to activate plugin & CSS/JS unload rules when the page editor is active to make the editor load quicker through define(‘WPACU LOAD ON DIVI BUILDER EDIT’, true); in wp-config.php to make the editor load faster.
  • Make sure the deprecated “cache enabler before store” hook is in use for compatibility with previous versions of Cache Enabler.
  • As well as a slew of other minor tweaks and bug fixes.

Free Download Asset CleanUp Pro  v1.2.0.2 Latest Version


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