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Today, I’m really thrilled to introduce you to Appiki, a fantastic blogger template for app download websites. Appiki Blogger Premium Template offers amazing features and a stunning look. Using this free blogger template, you can construct a wonderful app store download website that appears rich and professional. It’s a mobile-friendly, SEO-optimized blogger template with the most appealing layout.

Appiki Blogger Premium Template

Appiki is a quick, stylish, and SEO-friendly blogger template designed specifically for app store download websites. It includes a contemporary, one-of-a-kind site design template. The Appiki Blogger Premium Template looks great on all devices. It’s excellent and looks great on all Android phones and Mac computers. It’s the most suitable option for app store websites. Appiki is fully SEO (search engine optimized), with all of the elements that should be required for SEO, such as meta tags, alt picture tags, and HTML Z compression. It provides you a competitive ranking advantage, allowing you to effortlessly build your business while receiving a lot of traffic from Google. It’s a credit-free premium footer blogger template for premium users.




Features of Appiki Blogger Premium Template

  • Quick-loading
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Friendly to Mobile Devices
  • Full Responsive Design
  • Page with 404 Error
  • Facebook comments, Disqus
  • Documentation in video
  • Share Your Advance Posts
  • Ads in Articles
  • Platform for Websites
  • Awe-inspiring Mega Ajax Menu
  • Author Box (Ahead of Time)
  • Right/Left Sidebar
  • Copyright Custom Footer
  • Block Posts in the Sidebar
  • Documentation on the internet
  • Shortcodes for Piki posts
  • 100% Responsive
  • Dark Mode with Just a Click
  • Quickly Loaded
  • Translate automatically
  • Complete Width
  • Mode: Boxed
  • Featured Posts with a Personal Touch
  • recent, random, and label Support
  • Posts with Ads
  • System of Remarks
  • Consent to cookies
  • Updates that last a lifetime

Bloggers will find the Appiki Blogger Premium Template layout area to be simple to edit. It is simple to change the color. The logos and menu items may be readily replaced. The Appiki Blogger Theme allows for a variety of customizations that may be made without utilizing HTML code. The Appiki template is the most user-friendly.

Get Appiki Blogger Premium Template Free

This Appiki provides a structured data strategy that is totally tuned for improved search engine recognition. Schemas can help you rank higher in search engines and give you a leg up on the competition.

Quick and Responsive

Appiki is one of the templates with the quickest loading times. It’s also mobile-friendly and responsive. Appiki runs well on every device. Because mobile indexing is a priority for search engines like Google, having an adaptable website is critical. Appiki satisfies all of these criteria while also offering the greatest design and performance, making it the perfect choice for bloggers in the app downloading area.

Optimized for SEO

Appiki is perfectly optimized for search engines. Appiki has all of the Meta tags and other SEO best practices. It’s been designed with SEO in mind. Apart from that, SEO is the most significant feature of any website since it allows consumers to find it. Any website that does not have users is merely HTML and has no value. As a consequence, Appiki has been extensively optimized to generate as many search results as possible.

Completely customizable

Bloggers will find the layout area of Appiki to be quite easy to customize. It’s simple to alter the hue. The logos and menu items are easily interchangeable. Appiki offers a plethora of customization options that don’t require any HTML fiddling. As a consequence, Appiki is the most user-friendly template.

Schema that has been fully optimized Data that is organized

Appiki offers a completely optimized structured data format for improved search engine recognition. Schemas may quickly boost your search engine rankings, providing you a competitive advantage.


Appiki’s documentation is extremely well-explained, allowing customers to quickly grasp its capabilities. It really benefits the client.


It provides excellent customer service. Premium users can contact each other via Whatsapp and email. They will assist you with any difficulty in a professional manner.

webspeed test Appiki Blogger Premium Template


Appiki is a weblog template for downloading apps from the app shop. If you utilize this design, I guarantee you’ll be able to create a professional-looking app store website. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Please leave a remark if you have any ideas for me.

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