10+ App Store Premium Blogger Templates Free Download

Do you want to use Blogger to make your own professional APP store website? The app store weblog template should have a similar look to Google Play or APKpure. The user’s attention is drawn to the straightforward and clean layout.

The greatest premium APP store blogger template design in 2022 can be found in this post. You don’t have to delete the footer credit; you can easily change the URL in the footer.

1. Appiki Blogger Premium Template

Appiki Blogger Premium Template

Appiki Blogger Premium Template is ideal for app sharing websites; in my opinion, this is the greatest blogger theme for app sharing websites. The style of the site is similar to that of the Play Store, and the template is also lightweight and quick to load.

2. Pure APK

Pure APK Blogger Premium Template

Pure APK is a blogger template for an app and game shop. You must read this article before downloading and installing this template. Ms design BD has created yet another fantastic app store blogger template.

Minimal design, fluidity, and responsiveness to any device are the key qualities of this template. This design includes many blog sections for you to put your games and applications to. It contains a search icon and a very simple and tidy header input search box.


Features of Pure APK


Responsive Design


Fast loading


SEO friendly


Adsence Friendly


Featured APP and Games Widget


Google Play download button


schema (Blog posting)


Recent Post widget


Social Sharing button

The sidebar is available on both the desktop and mobile versions. It’s simple to change the link and icon in your sidebar. You may also link your website to prominent social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


3. Sora APPS

Sora APPS Blogger Premium Template

Sora APPS is a premium APP store blogger template with a gorgeous design. Professional Features app and games widgets are included in this theme.

It has a well-optimized SEO and adaptable design that works on any platform, including mobile, desktop, and tablets. The navigation links and mega menu are simple to add.

Search engine friendly, fully configurable, sidebar responsiveness to blogger events, and fast loading in Google speed insights are some of the primary advantages of this design. It uses an Ajax auto slider, and you can use it to create a carousel of your most popular content.

You may also view video documentation to learn everything there is to know about Sora applications. It has a web icon and link category area in the sidebar. In your blog content, this template also includes related post widgets.


4. Sure APK

Sure APK Premium Blogger Template
Download App Store Premium Blogger Template

Sure APK is also a fantastic blogger template for displaying your premium applications and games. This template is the finest option for you. It has a very simple and minimalist style and layout.

Full-width hero section, font amazing icons, drop downlinks, search icons, easy to configure sidebar components, Google AdSense compatible, fully SEO optimizable blogger template are some of the primary characteristics of this template.

Other advantages include fast loading, simple customization of your app and game post styles, social sharing, Google Play, and a download button. You may view video tutorial to see how you can quickly edit this template.

5. Blue APK

Blue APK Premium Blogger Template
Get App Store Premium Blogger Template For Free

For your Android app, Blue APK is the finest template. This template comes with a plethora of features that will help you create the ideal Google Play App Store website.

Many APP store websites have sprung up in recent years in order to boost website traffic. On your blue APK blog website, you may give a premium play store app.

Complex mega menu, Font Awesome icons, Share button, related posts section, Breadcrumb, Animated input search box, and many more features are among the primary characteristics of this template.

This website’s technical SEO is well-optimized, with Schema markup code, Blogger Meta content, Breadcrumbs, Image optimization, Open graph meta tags, Twitter card, and domain verification, among other things.

6. File Hippo (Default)

File Hippo Premium Blogger Template
Download App Store Premium Blogger Template Free

File Hippo is likewise a professional blogger template with a modern style. The default and black versions of File Hippo are available. You may obtain a great white light mode homepage in the default version. Dark mode features are available on the black version.

These templates’ key characteristics include a header input search box, a social button, a drop-down menu, and the use of Font Awesome icons with windows, applications, and tech news. These symbols and links may be readily customized. It comes with a variety of post styles to which you can add your most popular and labeled content.

This template’s technical SEO is fantastic, and it makes use of complex SEO code. It makes use of SEO meta tags, Facebook open graph, Blogger’s Favicon, and conical tags, among other things.


7. Power APK

Power APK Premium Blogger Template
Download App Store Premium Blogger Template 2022

This is the Power APK Blogspot Template’s default version. It offers a simple and clean user interface. The header navigation drop-down menu is available.

The APP store blogging template is preferred by Power APK. This is a comprehensive guide on building a professional app store website in Blogger.

This template makes use of advanced markup schema tags like blog postings, for example. It makes use of all of the necessary SEO meta tags and open graph code. The meta title, keyboard, description, robots.txt file, and sitemap.xml are all used.

This template’s main features include a fully responsive design that works on any platform, including desktop, laptop, and mobile. It may be adjusted to fit any blogger’s layout. Other features include ad readiness, navigation, a download button, and optimization.


8. Green APK

Green APK Premium Blogger Template

Green APK is another another contemporary and fully responsive blogger template. It’s a pretty straightforward and uncluttered design. Click the download button if you want to get this template. Now we’ll talk about the features of green APK and how to apply technical SEO in this template.

This template’s key features include a 100 percent responsive design, SEO-friendly code, smooth animation, navigation hover effect, Font Awesome icons, Download button, Related Posts area, AdSense compatible code, and more. Adding banners and advertisements from your networks is simple. This template may be easily changed.

Use Schema markup code, blogger Meta tags where you don’t have to manually add and edit these tags, Image optimization tags, Facebook open graph, Site verifications, Image alt tags and title tags, Blogger keyboard, description and title for your website are some of the technical SEO features of these templates.


9. File Hippo (Black)


File Hippo Premium Blogger Template

The premium blogger template File Hippo is inspired by the file hippo website. The biggest characteristic of the file hippo version is also the file Hippo black. It offers a robust admin panel from which you can manage your homepage.

The template not only has an appealing look, but it also has the most up-to-date SEO meta content and Schema markup tags integration. The entire website element, such as picture, text, CDN, and other, loads in seconds using this template. A fundamental technique to improve user-friendly themes is to increase the speed of time.

This template’s key features include a 100 percent responsive design, an SEO-friendly blogger template, quick loading, an easily customizable layout, AdSense compatibility, a navigation drop-down menu, a social button, and a search input box.


10. Power APK(Green)

Power APK Green Premium Blogger Template

Another great template from the Templatezy website is Power APK Green. This design is ideal for your blog if you want to build an app store on Blogger.

Let’s go through the features of this template and what you receive in terms of technical SEO. It’s a different take on the Power APK blogspot template.

Ads-ready blogger template, Advanced schema markup tags, user-friendly, Responsive design, Download button, Easy to change are some of the key characteristics of this template. Awesome icons with links for navigation, Mobile sidebar toggle menu, and many more.

For additional details about this template, you may see video documentation and watch it on YouTube. All browsers are supported by this template. This template’s style is extremely user-friendly, making it simple to manage the admin.

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