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AffiliateWP v2.8.1 Premium WordPress Plugin Information

AffiliateWP Free Download Latest Version is the finest affiliate management plugin created just for WordPress. It enables you to effortlessly set up an affiliate network and manage affiliates, payments, referrals, and more all from your WordPress dashboard. The AffiliateWP plugin produces an Affiliate page automatically when it is installed in your WordPress site. You may also manually create this page by adding a [affiliate area] shortcode to the page content area. Users may register for or login to your affiliate program on the affiliate area page. Users may establish referral URLs, check statistics, add payment information, and many other things after signing in. The affiliate section, in basic terms, is a professionally created dashboard for your affiliates.

AffiliateWP has practically all of the features you’ll need to administer your affiliate program. From the affiliates page of this plugin, you may add, update, remove, and check their other data. This plugin also enables you to quickly and easily interact with many common WordPress plugins and payment methods. AffiliateWP’s referral monitoring mechanism is very sophisticated and precise. This plugin also allows you to adjust the cookie expiry time for the referral tracking cookie.

AffiliateWP Free

AffiliateWP – Affiliate Management Plugin for WordPress Features

  • It’s simple to set up and utilize.
  • Referral tracking that is more advanced
  • Payout service that is integrated
  • Referrals, visitors, and earnings reporting in real time
  • All major WordPress plugins are completely integrated.
  • Support for an unlimited number of affiliates
  • Coupons from affiliates
  • Affiliate management made simple
  • Approval of affiliates by hand
  • The affiliate section has been carefully developed.
  • Generate a referral link
  • Set the cookie’s expiry date.
  • Login and registration page shortcode
  • Notification emails that are personalized
  • Payout records in great detail
  • Optimum performance
  • There are over 30 extras available (Pro and Free)

AffiliateWP v2.8.1: What’s New (Changelog)

  • In the Payouts Service, support for seven more countries has been added.
  • Improved: All Payouts Service requests must now go via official REST endpoints.
  • Improved: If a Payouts Service payment method changes, update the payout record.
  • Improved: Every Payouts Service request now includes standardized headers.
  • When registering a Payouts Service account using a registered email address, the alert showed the incorrect URL.
  • Improved: Include the AffiliateWP version number in upgrading procedure messages.
  • Improved: Using wp-cli, you can now list affiliates, payments, referrals, and visitors by date range.
  • If referral status is enabled in WooCommerce, the order status of Refunded should always shift to Rejected.
  • In Affiliate WP REST::get token, fix the order of arguments passed to affwp auth hash() ().
  • When browsing the Coupons settings page when WooCommerce is inactive, a message will no longer appear.
  • And there are a few additional small tweaks and UI updates.

AffiliateWP Free Download

Pros and Cons of AffiliateWP


  • It includes a long number of tracking integrations, making the setup procedure relatively simple.
  • You have a lot of flexibility over your affiliate program, including extensive compensation choices, tracking, and so on.
  • The 33+ add-ons provide you a lot of flexibility when it comes to personalizing your affiliate program.
  • AffiliateWP has its own payment mechanism that makes paying your affiliates a breeze. You may also make use of the PayPal add-on.


  • The user experience on the backend isn’t as good as it might be with a plugin like SliceWP, which has a lot prettier admin dashboard.
  • If you require the Professional license, it’s a bit more expensive than some other affiliate plugins, but I believe it’s still a fair deal.

AffiliateWP Download


Review of AffiliateWP: Final Thoughts

Overall, I believe AffiliateWP is the most well-known WordPress affiliate plugin for a reason: it’s a fantastic product from a reputable developer.

There isn’t a better native WordPress affiliate plugin out there in terms of functionality and versatility.

In certain sectors, I believe there are rivals who can outperform us. SliceWP, for example, provides a much superior backend dashboard experience and is a bit less expensive. SliceWP, on the other hand, isn’t nearly as versatile as AffiliateWP, so you’d have to make further compromises.

Furthermore, AffiliateWP’s new front-end dashboard (which I demonstrated above) is a significant enhancement that provides a highly professional front-end dashboard for your affiliates.

AffiliateWP is not only very adaptable, but it is also quite simple to set up. Within five minutes of installing the plugin, you can have a fully functional affiliate program, which is rather astounding.

Free Download AffiliateWP v2.8.1 Latest Version


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